EDStarz is where you collect badges within EDVille, a fun-filled place with plenty of things to do! It may look intimidating at first, but remember that you can take your time to do everything at your own pace. Feel free to explore EDVille as you wish, but if you need a nudge in the right direction, have a look at these badges for a goal to complete.

There are a few different categories of badges which involve different activities needed to complete them. 

Minigames – you can gain badges for playing the minigames found around EDVille. Once you complete a set of games from a certain category – for example, all of the science games – you receive a Subject badge. Some games count towards more than one subject badge. Collect all subject badges to become a Minigame Master!

PSHE Videos – Find items around EDVille that will take you to a PSHE video. Each video explains an educational topic. Once you watch them all, you get the ‘Hard to Explain, Easy to Understand’ badge!

Language Badges – One of the fun things about EDVille is that we’re multi-lingual! There are sound files around the world that will teach you how to say and write things in 23 different languages! Learn them all and get the ‘Multi-Lingual’ badge.

Eco Scouts – Eco Babble is in town and wants to teach you all about being ecological. As time goes on, 5 exciting new games and puzzles will become unlocked in EDVille. Win prizes to use in EDVille and badges to become the Eco Champion.

As you can see, there’s plenty in EDVille to keep you busy and learning! To activate some of the activities you can either walk into objects or try to click them with your mouse. Have fun!

Screenshot of educational game on EDVille