EDClass offers a virtual classroom which has proven to impact a range of learners and identify progress, evidenced in our recent Ofsted report (July 2019).

"Teachers use information about learners’ starting points effectively to identify
learning and support needs. They provide personalised coaching and one-to-one
support that enable learners to make at least the progress of which they are capable.
Teachers use high-quality online resources innovatively to help learners engage in
learning. " Ofsted Report

The range of progress can be tracked in multiple ways:

Skills Gap Analysis

Lesson completion reports

Graphical representation showing lesson performance and progression

Attendance Tracking

We are proud to state that our environment impacts all types of learners to show a great level of progress throughout our spectrum from:

  • secondary school learners (suspended / anxiety students / school phobic / in inclusion units)
  • home educated
  • distance learners
  • students with mental health issues
  • for those studying for a qualification from scratch
  • those submitting qualification coursework
  • primary school learners
  • adult learners
  • flexible learners
  • refugees
  • training providers
  • functional skills learners
  • students with low literacy/numeracy
  • those returning back to work
  • ESOL
  • dedicated online surgery sessions (one to one seminars and webinars for target groups)

By allowing the platform to deliver a huge amount of subjects, live teaching, support and the facility to access these remotely drastically has improved the outcomes for all.

This is how we use our diagnostic exams and assessments to highlight gaps of knowledge and start the personalised learning journey so that every student attains, develops, and attends the live, on demand or catch up sessions to improve.

Please call us on 01909 568 338 for more info or a free demo.