We can tailor make our platform to meet your remote education policies, needs and budget. You can mix and match any of out aspects within the platform so SLT, teachers, parents and learners can access:

  • Learning content and support.
  • Live teaching with on demand lessons. 
  • Catch up delivery and tutoring sessions.
  • Differentiated learning.
  • Safeguarding with your staff or our wellbeing mentors.
  • Timetabled sessions with attendance and learning tracked. 
  • Assessment to identify learners progress accurately and continuously.
  • Having a continuous assessment in place to challenge all abilities.
  • Your content, support workers and teaching sessions with an extensive quality assurance platform to share good practice.

Our platform can be cloud-based or server-based and updates automatically through our securely-managed data system. Besides the virtual classroom, remote learning, behaviour resources, content, online teaching support, homework, revision and exams that EDClass offers, we are unique because of the additional functions we have been able to add at the request of SLTs, ensuring everything is in one place. 

Our remote learning environment is different to many. EDClass is a totally inclusive package where the learner is the focus.

  • 12000 plus elearning lessons that can be on demand and personalised (with or without our support officers and wellbeing mentors or your HLTAs)
  • 1000 plus video sessions that can be on demand or timetabled (with or without our support officers and wellbeing mentors or your HLTAs)
  • knowledge bank of unique and essential resources
  • diagnostic tests and baseline tests
  • modular exams for English, Maths and Science (PE coming soon)
  • tailor-made assessments 
  • video and performance analysis software
  • a virtual classroom with live or on demand 
  • 24/7 tutoring and support
  • video analyses of performances
  • management profiling and assessment tools

We can work in partnership to enable you to address all these issues with any cohort, class, and target group.