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EDClass has been reviewed and rated amongst the top 5 best tools for home learning according to EDTech Impact.

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EDClass has over a decade of experience delivering remote education world wide. The EDClass program was created to give students the opportunity to watch; listen and re-do English, Maths, and Science lessons; to stop and rewind the teacher as and when needed; with different levels of support available. EDClass allows the student to learn from qualified and experienced UK teachers. Our methodology and approach to remote learning is unique! Our teachers are recorded delivering topics and series of lessons to build a pathway of learning that is individualised and flexible. Students complete the series of lessons with further interactive e-learning lessons and other resources as part of the topic and pathways. We provide access to exams, mocks, quizzes and questions as part of the series of lessons to assess, test and monitor their knowledge, understanding and progress.  This is then further strengthened by live teaching sessions for personalised learning on subjects to address the gaps in knowledge and challenge all students.

There is a virtual library of over 1000+ pre recorded video lessons delivered by our teachers already for learners to access and view on demand which are part of a series of topics and pathways of learning available. The EDClass system comprises over 12000 interactive and supported lessons ready and waiting to be accessed in subjects such as English, Maths, Science and other core areas, for Key Stage 2 through to 4.  We work in partnership where our teachers and your teachers, senior leaders, staff and pupils can use the remote education classroom and platform to deliver face to face live, timetabled or on demand lessons to deliver to a range of abilities in a secure and virtual learning environment.

Virtual Classroom

We have a range of teachers, support and wellbeing workers to assist learners in all aspects when they are remotely learning live, on demand or independently.   Quality Assurance, attendance, communication and assessment for learning is extensively tracked and evidenced within our secure platform. All learners progress at their optimum achievable rate with the live teaching and on demand lessons available. Our remote learning provision has also been inspected by Ofsted. 

Our safeguarding and flexibility of the teaching and support is unique for remote education. All our teachers are UK qualified, experienced, trained and based. The interactive platform can address every point above as we have been doing online remote education since 2008 working with over 600 schools. 

We are offering FREE on demand lessons English, Maths, Science and Sport Science daily. Learners can access these FREE lessons and timetable anytime here.

Our teaching staff, support workers and HLTAs are available when the students are ready to learn. There are timetabled sessions, live teaching classes, and on demand lessons available for all students to catch up, progress or challenge their knowledge and understanding. There is not just one particular slot for them to learn from. Every student completes regular diagnostic tests which enables the learner to have different interactive lessons due to their gap analysis. 

Our interactive platform shows you the student, screen and progress.  Marking, feedback and monitoring is also a responsibility from our staff. Our interactive lessons and teaching can be delivered live, on demand or via a structured gap analysis pathway, making every pathway unique but most importantly personalised for every one.

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The system is fully safeguarded with facilities including eyes-on learning. This means that with a webcam enabled, any issues on camera can be picked up by a specialist trained member of staff.


EDClass is here to support your remote education needs 

We are ready to provide immediate access remote education to all your learners at home, self-isolating, bubbles, cohorts, year groups and can even support the whole school via our online platform. By using the platform, teachers can be ready to go with live and recorded lessons. These can be provided by your staff or our own highly trained teachers. With access to 12,000+ lessons you do not need to prepare lesson content or learn new teaching techniques.  Your staff do not need to assess, mark or give feedback because our sophisticated digital platform can do it all on your behalf and we can work in partnership with your establishment or student. 

EDClass is a proven solution for saving schools and teachers time while improving attendance, attainment, behaviour and, most importantly, promoting learning.
  • Have a virtual classroom that your staff can use to reduce physical contact and impact curriculum delivery
  • Improve management processes and use the best operational and safeguarded practices
  • Be prepared with tracked, recorded and safeguarded evidence of every learner
  • Design an end-to-end learning workflow for all students and staff
  • Have a centralised assessment and CPD portfolio of each teacher delivery whilst using blended and flexible learning
  • Personalise all your learning programmes
  • Manage data and real-time analytics for mapping student retention, progress and outcomes
  • Empower faculty and students with digital literacy skills
  • Mass migrate whole year groups to teach and learn online
  • Better engage your students by designing and using interactive content
  • Provide a greater personalised multi-channeled experience to students right from enrolment to building digital skills and capabilities and engagement
  • Manage data and real-time analytics for mapping student retention, progress and outcomes

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All EDClass safeguarding and wellbeing staff - along with teaching staff - are enhanced DBS checked.  We have over 12 years experience in providing a recognised alternative provision for students in isolation, exclusion or unable to attend mainstream classroom. 

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One of our teachers teaching to a group of students for catch up.Remote learning via our flexible learning pathways.

Free lessons on-demand

These show how we support our students through our all in one collaboration platform that has text based, video, and audio communications which is recorded for safeguarding purposes. The EDClass remote education platform allows face to face teaching and interaction, screen sharing and video conferencing.

This identifies how EDClass can help teach all students through our remote education and interactive learning classroom.

How can we help students with mental health issues, anxiety and depression to feel involved and still a part of the school?

We view it as using stepping stones: helping learners, encouraging them and building their self-esteem, until hopefully they return to school. 

Over the years EDClass has built different tools and systems to help a multitude of learners, including those with mental health needs. This starts with a re-engagement in education.

Students are given encouragement, confidence, emotional support and stepping stones back into education.

Deciding your learners'  hours of studying will also benefit learners on medication, for example they may struggle to do any work till the afternoon or early evening. 

Many students experience barriers to their learning, be this illness, mental health issues, learning difficulties, SEND or other underlying reasons. Our aim is to provide these students with a secure alternative provision that supports their educational needs while they are unable to make it into a mainstream establishment.

Flexible Learning

Our flexible learning approach gives students an element of control over the time and pace of their learning. Learning is no longer restricted to school hours, allowing students to progress at their own rate away from the pressure of the classroom.

One-to-One Support

Students have access to live online support from our experienced team if they are in need of assistance between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Our qualified teachers will help guide your students through their lessons taking into account their current learning ability.

Audio Support

We offer audio support for auditory learners or students who struggle to read what is on the screen, this feature reads the content aloud and can be repeated as many times as the student needs.

Custom Layouts

Our lessons allow students to customise how they view the material. This includes text colour, background colour, text size and font type (including dyslexia friendly font).

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Useful Information

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