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Case Study from a Trust
Student AStudent A
It didn’t get him back into school but as he was Year 11, EDClass improved his attendance and he went on to do his GCSEs. 24/1/19: 21% attendance. Ended at 43%.
Student BStudent B
As above, Year 11 student. Attendance improved and GCSE qualifications were gained. Attendance ended at 59%. Was on 49% before EDClass was installed in March.
Student CStudent C
Also Year 11 and had been out of school for a long time. Managed to gain a GCSE qualification thanks to EDClass. Ended on 32%. Before EDClass was on 14% before starting EDClass in February.
Student DStudent D
Year 9. Attends school in the mornings and completes EDClass in the afternoon. This is an ongoing case due to ARNA and referrals for additional support are being looked into. Attendance is currently 71%, which is largely due to EDClass use each afternoon; it is likely to be around 40% without EDClass.
Student E
Year 11 school refusal last year. We were unable to get back into school but EDClass was successful in improving attendance from 30% (15.1.19) to 62% (ended on), the student went on to sit her GCSEs.

Sheffield Inclusion Centre Case Study

Cohort: A cohort of 15 students, who are not just school refusers but also "PRU refusers"

"Our students are out of mainstream education for various reasons; they might suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues. Others simply just don't like school. But our objective is very clear: we want to our students back into mainstream education."

Objectives: To use the EDVirtual (Virtual classroom) to help educate, support and offer safeguarding for a range of students with both the schools and EDClass teaching and support staff.

Methodology: To follow a unique learning pathway specially designed for each student in English and Maths whilst getting virtual support online by a safeguarding mentor (at the school) and getting online support regarding lessons (within EDClass).

"We use a virtual classroom to deliver lessons and homework to our students, and they receive an attendance mark for each session. There is a tracking system in place so we can see at a glance how many times a student has logged on, what they're doing, how they're progressing and so on. We're also able to have a virtual face-to-face check ins with each students, enabling us to see that the student is safe nd well, and also speak to them about their work and progress." 
93% Completed the six week English and Maths programme
93% Completed the six week English and Maths programme
83% Overall Attendance
4%c Increase in whole-school attendance
43% Increase for one student's attendance
36% of students had 100% attendance

Success: Two of the students asked to come back into the centre and have been successfully reintegrated!

"The results have been incredible. Two of our students have recently informed us that they want return to mainstream education. With a virtual classroom, we're able to ensure our students receive classwork and homework regularly, and we can monitor their progress and give them the support they need, so that when the time comes, the transition back into the classroom goes smoothly."
- Ash Khan, Sheffield Inclusion Centre

"Each of the students that have been on the programme benefited massively over the past academic year, with reintegration back into centre, back into mainstream education and others have progreessed by their engagement with the programme to reintegrate with their peers through work based learning opportunities. This system has proved to re-engage both the pupils and their parents/carers with their child's education."
- Jane Horsfield, Engagement Team, Sheffield Inclusion Centre
"We have been with EDClass for coming up to three years, we invested in this to support students that are based in our Inclusion Centre and to support students who might be working off site. We found that students needed something they had a little bit of control over but also structured, and that mixture of independent study, allocated learning and the potion to use seats meant this fitted all of the criteria.

It was also a great alternative to just giving students worksheets and asking them to get on with it. After seeing the demonstration and realising that literally every student could access this, the chance to customise learning pathways and the support available made it a no brainer."

Did you consider any alternatives before choosing EDClass?

"We didn't look at any other companies, and were recommended EDClass by a colleague. We have seen other tutoring services, but nothing on the scale that you are able to offer."

Approximately how many of your students are using our platform?

"EDClass has been invaluable during the lockdown, once the announcement was made from the government our staff quickly set to allocating work to students to complete. We have had almost 900 students access the system in Years 7 - 11 during the lockdown period. This has been a phenomenal success for us, and has really helped cope with the demands placed on us during the lockdown.

It has also been great to see so many parents expressing an interest in the system and wanting access to parent codes to be able to check on progress. Prior to the lockdown we were using EDClass with a small group, and we still need to make better use of the seats, but to be able to live track how many students were login into the system was really helpful. It also helped that the pathways we set were mapped out to our school curriculum.

We are also learning every day, and EDClass is going to play a big role for us come September as we return, due to the amount of ways you can utilise it. Our staff are now fully aware of the power of the system, so making this something of a staple in our teaching and learning is only a matter of time."

What are the needs of the students using EDClass? How has the platform benefitted them?

"Prior to lockdown, this was used an intervention for students based in our Inclusion Centre, Isolation and those educated off site. This would have been students that struggle in the classroom environment need to be able to take a little more time in their learning and can get instant feedback on their work.

Since the lockdown, we are seeing it for multiple uses. Students in the lower year groups have used this to plug gaps in knowledge, with many telling us they have been using the independent study section."
- The Sheffield Inclusion Team
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Featherstone Academy

"The impact on attendance that EDClass has had is that been able to support an increase in 2.7 per cent increase in the first term of this academic year (2015) because students are engaged on an alternative provision whilst excluded. This often has not been the case in other alternative providers we have set up through failure to engage or attend through choice or transport issues. This is not the case with EDClass as we have set it up in the comfort of their own home after we undertaken appropriate and legal safeguarding measures to ensure the student is in the right and safe environment to continue on their off-site education.
EDClass, because it is all interfaced related students of this day of age quite often prefer to interact in that measure and they almost don’t feel like they are learning and they don’t feel like it is school work, because the way it is set up and how they engage with it.
I cannot recommend EDClass highly enough in terms of how it has supported the behaviour transformation at the Featherstone Academy and I would willingly endorse it to any other educational establishment in the country that are looking to make a difference to their school’s behaviour and overall school culture.
What is a real bonus for the student is how they can see how they are making progress because of the work is so tailored to them in their personalised pathways they actually demonstrate a mark able amount of progress. With that intrinsic motivation and being reward with being able to see the personal progress made themselves is a really is a powerful tool to changing some of our students, some of real hard to reach student behaviour.
Also, EDClass has saved the academy many thousands of pounds this academic year because we use it as our first port of call for alternative provision. The impact of EDClass is that we can now support students learning whilst they are excluded from the academy. Therefore, when they return from their exclusion they have not fallen behind their peers in terms of their learning and they are able to be seamlessly reintegrated back into mainstream lessons without any detriment to their education.
We are avoiding bounce back exclusions where students return back to mainstream lessons and because of the gaps in their knowledge can often lead to low level disruption or further disruption which ends up as a repeat fixed term exclusion – but EDClass fills that gap and students are far better supported in their learning both once on exclusion and when on return from exclusion."

- Jason Kenneally, Featherstone Academy
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Students & Parents

"I liked the course and felt less stressed at doing the reading and writing work. I really enjoyed preparing and doing my presentation about Switzerland and Swiss trains. I'm very proud of my results"
Positive student review
Positive student review
Positive student review
Positive student review
'My sons first day working from home on @EDLounge so glad he is learning again #lifeline #Asd #anxiety'
Positive student review
positive student review