EDClass Insights

EDClass Insights provides thought-provoking content and additionally an overview of guidance and news within education offering solutions and advice.

There are many avenues where children and young people can be supported. Finding the most suitable solution should be of prime importance when dealing with students with specific needs.

We hope that by downloading this free report it could give you, your establishment or your colleagues some ideas about how to improve the challenges that you and some of your students may be facing.

April EDClass Insights 2024

This month's EDClass Insights focused on attendance and the importance of implementing an effective online alternative provision to overcome this bairrer. We also looked at behaviour and how it is intertwined with attendance and the best strategies you ca implement. 


February EDClass Insights 2024

This month's EDClass Insights included a great discussion with education consultant and author, Laura Kerbey discussing raising attendance for those struggling with pathological demand avoidance (PDA). We also looked at some money-saving tips you can implement within your school or MAT. 


December EDClass Insights 2023

EDClass focused on behaviour in December and primarily looked at positive behaviour reinforcement to overcome learning barriers. The single edition before Christmas looked at implementing a hybrid approach to accommodate the needs of students. Building confidence and meaningful relationships ensures we can engage students more with their education. Make sure to access your copy below. 


November EDClass Insights 2023

November's focus point regarded attendance, a prevalent issue in the education sector, and we looked at what strategies we can implement to overcome certain learning barriers that some students may be facing. The 1st edition looked at how we can overcome mental health barriers and boost attendance. The 2nd edition looked at driving parent engagement to help encourage their child to interact more with the education and ultimately raise their attendance.

October EDClass Insights 2023

October focused on alternative provisions and what strategies we can do to implement a positive change within the education sector. The 1st edition primarily focused on attendance rates and how they can be supported. The 2nd edition looked at implementing the most suitable alternative provisions to support mental health challenges, specifically raising attendance figures. The final edition of the month focused on positive reintegration strategies with online alternative provisions and how useful they can be.

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