Off-Site Direction

Impacting learning within your alternative provision

EDClass offers students the opportunity to engage in education away from the traditional classroom by providing online support workers and virtual teachers. This approach can dramatically improve learners’ attendance and attainment levels. It is also very important for learners with a short-term exclusion, 6th-day provision or learners who may be school phobic, anxious or suffering from issues of mental health.
Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with off-site direction in mind, to ensure learner safety is paramount and the best that is available in an online learning environment. EDClass also has the facility to ensure staff can maintain constant contact with learners that are being educated off-site.

EDClass’ teaching and support staff can work with your learners to raise their attainment levels, and improve standards and this, in turn, will increase attendance across your school and MAT. We have a bank of over 17,000 lessons available in a range of subjects including, but not limited to:
• English Language & Literature
• Mathematics
• Science
• Functional Skills in English, mathematics & ICT

Reports: The dashboard

This dashboard enables SLT and Behaviour Managers to see the impact of isolation, inclusion, exclusion, off-site provision and reintegration for students with mental health issues. Strategies, meetings, minutes, and comments are also recorded within the system to provide everything for your alternative curriculum.

A comprehensive breakdown of everything a student has completed, attempted or struggled with, can be accessed instantly.

EDClass EDPoints
EDClass student report

Reports can be collated for groups or the whole school. You can make comparisons with students in different cohorts. Exclusion and isolation can be detrimental to a student's progression which makes it more important students follow the school’s assessment and positive discipline policies which can allow them to positively reintegrate. The system allows you to track and view a student’s performance individually and in comparison with the rest of the cohort.

EDClass School Report
EDClass Top Performing Students
EDClass lesson performance

Student Involvement

Students give feedback on their learning whether in class, at home, in isolation, off-site, reintegrating or in exclusion. Students constantly evaluate their performance, learning, knowledge and understanding of the topics and individual learning pathways set.

EDClass lesson safeguarding reports
EDClass Support Chat Logs