Our Safeguarding Team

Cara Batsford Designated Safeguarding Lead

Cara Batsford

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Cara is our Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead and has been working with EDClass since March 2016. Cara serves EDClass as the Senior DSL, and in addition to this, is our Prevent and Online Safety Lead. Cara has amassed extensive experience in the industry and contributes to various national Prevent and child protection legislation updates.

Cara previously worked within a multi-agency collaboration as an intermediary between several partnerships in the South Yorkshire region. Cara is a former criminal analyst and she would cooperate with multiple organisations regarding the prevention and detection of serious and organised crime and major investigations for 14 years.

Cara then utilised her expert knowledge within this field to delve into the education sector with EDClass and now has a primary focus on safeguarding children. She is now based full-time at our office in Dinnington, Sheffield, and is responsible for every aspect of our safeguarding structure. This includes staff training, writing and updating policies in line with current legislation and ensuring that they are strictly followed.

Cara will also report and refer incidents, concerns and information sharing to ensure that all children using the EDClass platform are safe while still receiving quality online education. Cara’s safeguarding diligence and legislative comprehension allow EDClass’s standards to be maintained at a constantly high level.
Sophie Beverley Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sophie Beverley 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sophie has now quickly risen to be a key member of the safeguarding team at EDClass to ensure every child is safe when using the platform.

Sophie graduated with a psychology degree in 2020 from Sheffield Hallam University and she initially worked in an onsite alternative provision as a deputy safeguarding lead. She then transferred to EDClass’s online alternative provision.

Sophie manages any safeguarding incident accordingly and tenaciously investigates anything that may happen to one of the students learning on the platform. Sophie’s vigilance and knowledge of safeguarding and the EDClass system have allowed her and the team to integrate more efficient methods of handling incidents that arise.
Milly Wildish

Milly Wildish

Safeguarding Head Consultant

Milly is the creator and presenter of all the safeguarding content and courses on offer. She spent 14 years as a detective in the Metropolitan Police, working as a child protection specialist, and counter-terrorism officer and led a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub. Milly currently has also worked as a lead safeguarding officer for a London school.

Milly is a Specialist arbitrator and National Safeguarding Panel member for Sports Resolution as well as a member of the England and Wales Cricket Appeals Board. Milly has completed investigations and training for sports organisations, care home groups and major charities. Milly holds qualifications in investigating complex crime and forensic interviewing of children and is NSPCC child protection trainer trained.

Milly is part of our advisory board for safeguarding and well-being and she works closely updating our staff as she is a director of Keys to Safeguarding with the board of EDClass.
Greig Lloyd

Greig Lloyd

Safeguarding Head Consultation

Greig is a former Metropolitan Police detective specialising in the areas of safeguarding, community safety, and risk management. Vastly experienced across multi-agency focused investigations, case reviews and panel hearings. He is now providing investigative services within the private sector to clients in the legal, sports and media industries nationwide and overseas.

He is an independent investigator in safeguarding for multiple clients including Premier League football teams, local authorities and independent care facilities. Greig holds qualifications in investigating complex crime and forensic interviewing of children and is a full member of the Association of British Investigators endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales and level 3 BTEC in Advanced Investigation.