Problems we can fix

EDClass is a proven, secure and fully safeguarded distance learning system. We are proud to highlight that our live teachers, tutors, HLTAs and safeguarding team can address the following issues:

  • Catch-up delivery and sessions for missed learning
  • Missed Safeguarding issues
  • Students experiencing separation anxiety
  • Social distancing with students and staff
  • Dealing with a new form of low-level disruptive and poor behaviour
  • Threatening and negative behaviour, resulting in isolation, fixed-term exclusion or possible permanent exclusion
  • Assessing and tracking students accurately and continuously
  • Knowing how far your students are behind
  • Local lock-down
  • A Second wave
  • Whole year group lock-down
  • Whole department lock-down
  • Virtual assemblies or notices
  • A full teaching programme for pupils who are learning remotely
  • Poor student attendance
  • Providing a positive alternative provision
  • Staff absences and staff shielding 
  • Delivering sessions to students who have not got a specialist teacher or tutor (such as cover / staff illness)
  • Class and Year bubbles
  • Teachers' safety when rotating
  • Isolation and exclusion with live teaching and well-being support
  • Catch-up for low-level numeracy and literacy
  • Safeguarding learners with mental health issues
  • Preparing for an inspection
  • Tuition and tutoring programmes
  • Educating students who are still shielding or whose parents refuse them to come back
  • Offering a Continuous Curriculum delivery
  • Rural delivery to students
  • One-to-one support to small classroom delivery
  • SEND/CAMHS support
  • Moving around the building safely
  • Being prepared for exams
  • Catch-up sessions for holiday
  • Holiday cover

We have worked throughout lock-down to enhance our teachers' and tutors' delivery; offering much more interactive content; and increasing our assistance and well-being support.

We offer a fully-safeguarded distance learning system which can help address:

  • Distance learning for local lock-downs, second wave and a contingency to any other disruptions.
  • Blended learning via our virtual classroom. 
  • Face-to-face learning one-on-one to help raise attainment and attendance.
  • Remote learning for those students and staff that are ill and shielding.
  • Interactive learning via the portal for a range of solutions for staff rotation and a varied curriculum.
  • 'Eyes-on learning' via our support and timetabled sessions.

Our questions are:

  • How are you policing truancy and disruptive behaviour?
  • How can you isolate inclusion booths?
  • How can teachers and support staff rotate safely?
  • How do you impact those students in self isolation affecting attendance?

Due to our team working endlessly over lock-down, we have developed EDClass to offer a fully comprehensive contingency for your school that:

  • Improve outcomes
  • Breaks down barriers to learning
  • Allows eyes-on learning 24/7
  • Enhances attendance
  • Looks at each child on an individual basis
  • Tracks what students have done every minute of the day
  • Offers in-depth and continuous assessment to help predict grades
  • Keeps staff and pupils safe, secure and socially distanced
  • Offers a whole-school approach with live, recorded or on-demand resources

Maths example of our virtual classroom session
English example of our virtual classroom session.

Please call us on 01909 568 338 for a free trial on how we can fix all these problems for your organisation