Secondary Schools

EDClass has been successfully implemented in secondary schools across the country to teach and support hard-to-reach students 

"Since EDClass has been implemented at Merrill Academy, we have seen an increase in student engagement when they are unable to attend the Academy. It has been an invaluable resource within our SEND and safeguarding teams as some students who have struggled to access the  academy, have had work provided during their difficult periods. This has meant that they did not develop meaningful gaps in their education so could reintegrate easily.
We have utilised EDClass Seats for students who are at risk of permanent exclusion or are school refusers. The students and parents have been positive about this approach and has helped to build on parental relationships to support these students. The students on seats respond well to the feedback given on their work.  In addition we have been able to boost the CORE subjects in year 11, creating extraction classes. Students follow the EDClass resources to improve their skills in Maths, English and Science. The feedback is useful to both the students and their subject teachers who are working towards improvements in the run up to the upcoming exams. The year 11 students have responded well to the program and find the interface easy to use whilst still finding the work set at an appropriately challenging level."
Merrill Academy – Adele Chilton