The Holgate Academy

Three successes at Holgate Academy

EDClass is proud to highlight three huge successes from Holgate Academy. Specialist HLTA, Sonia Young, provided three specific examples of students who have benefitted from using the platform. Pseudonyms have been used to protect the students’ identities.

1.Eva – confidence boost

 “Eva, was in year 8 and was a long-term EDClass user. Eva had a complete breakdown and was unable to attend school from the Autumn of year 7.

Eva agreed, through her mum, to start working under the supervision of her mum on EDClass.  

It was explained in detail by The Holgate Academy (THA) how EDClass works and that Eva would be expected to log on for 4 hours a day to the online learning platform. Given Eva's fear of speaking with people outside of her immediate family comfort zone, it was an initial challenge for the EDClass team. However, this is nothing new for them and they helped support her positively.

Here at THA, we have a very close professional working relationship with EDClass provision, so we were able to communicate with the team to support Eva's individual needs.

Eva has been using EDClass for a year now and she has fully engaged with the provision daily without fail. Eva is a high-achieving student and in time was soon communicating with her regular teacher at EDClass by video. Eva is now also communicating with staff in the academy via email and teams, so she is up to date with her core subjects. Eva will contact the academy daily with updates on her work progress or asking for support with work.

The next stage for Eva is ARNA/1-1 HRET support and we feel this will also be a success online now Eva has had excellent support and encouragement from EDClass.”

2. Cameron – beating school-phobia

“Cameron was in year 11. The pastoral team at THA had tried all manner of support to re-engage Cameron back into the academy following anxiety and illness following lockdown, it was decided to try EDClass for Cameron.

Cameron did not want to engage in EDClass and totally refused to engage with anything the Academy tried. The family feared Cameron had developed a school phobia following lockdown and had shut down completely. 

Following many meetings and calls to support the family, Cameron became engaged with EDClass. Cameron discovered a construction course on EDClass by browsing the provision. Cameron hadn't realised he was interested in construction before doing the online course on EDClass. Cameron completed the full course and started to do his own research into this trade.

The Academy is now working on Cameron accessing the Hub which has been successful. Cameron will also be hoping to sit his GCSE exams and we are working with him on a Post-16 provision going forward.”

3. Harry– Improved mental health supporting his anxiety  

“Another student we had on EDClass was Harry who was also in year 11.

Harry was a school refuser suffering from anxiety following lockdown. Harry started EDClass in year 11 and tentatively engaged daily. Harry also started to speak to me on a weekly basis at his front door, more than he had done since before lockdown.

Harry engaged daily on EDClass and by the end of the Autumn term, Harry had decided he wanted to go to college and study public services. In the following months Harry, with the support of his mum had applied to college, attended an open day and also attended an interview. This was huge.

Harry also came in and took his GCSEs by the spring term of year 11.

The staff at EDClass are really good and communicating in a calm and friendly manner, encouraging students to have aspirations and courage.”

It’s great to see these three successes just from one school! If you would like to learn more about EDClass then call the team on 01909 568 338 or send an email to