Video Testimonials

John Whitgift Academy's Testimonial on EDClass

"We first came across EDCass and we made attendance equal priority to outcomes. We made a decision some time ago that would use it for medical needs only. So, children that have a broken limb, children that have had serious operations, children that are just sick with a genuine tummy book. We have students who have particular injuries or illnesses where they unfortunately are able to attend school and would access EDClass at home to allow them to continue their learning at their own pace in their home environment.

Learning continues and their attendance remains high. So it's a win-win. The students accessing EDClass are able to very quickly log on to the online learning and have access to their live tutorials and teachers so they can have their learning personalised as well, which is adaptive to their needs at their pace and their ability. It's helped enormously whilst we direct children to certain aspects of their classwork. Reintegration is much more seamless than it was before when they came back. It allows students to have the authorised attendance code. We're removing any barriers. EDClass is having an impact on their learning and their future outcomes for their GCSEs.

It's value for money because it works. Our attendance is the highest in the local area. The cost becomes insignificant compared to the benefits you gain from having the highest attendance you've ever had for this academy.

I definitely recommend EDClass and do so because it's helped us enormously. It's just priceless. It's crazy, it these times, post-Covid, when some schools are struggling enormously to get children back into school, why you would not consider this?" - Rob Spendlow, Principal, John Whitgift Academy 

Copley Academy's Testimonial on EDClass

"I've been working with EDClass over the last five years in this academy and also in my previous school. It's been a fantastic resource to make sure that it enables us to have a fully inclusive education here at Copley.

It helps us with a range of different individual plans for students. It might be as well that we use it to help students regarding their personal development. We use a lot of the behaviour modification modules. We use some modules on how to keep safe, on how to build respect and bullying. So we use the full range to create a wider curriculum for our students.

We've had students who have been very reluctant to attend and haven't had any attendance, for quite a period of time. We've now got students who have got over 95% attendance. So it means that actually, even if they aren't attending the academy, EDClass means that students are attending education, they're attending learning.

I would totally recommend EDClass to any educational institution. It really is value for money and everything is within the program in terms of a full curriculum at KS3 and KS4 for us. You can adapt that curriculum and you can use it in many different ways. It does allow you to build so many bespoke individual programs for students that are going to benefit them and benefit their learning." - Ruth Craven, Principal, Copley Academy

Manchester Enterprise Academy's Testimonial 

"EDClass has given us a unique opportunity to help re-engage those learners who have struggled with mainstream back into the classroom. The majority of our students use EDClass with this hybrid approach where they aren't solely on EDClass full-time for 25 hours a week. They have daily EDClass access, but they also visit us on-site for a variety of interventions as well. 

The team at EDClass develop lessons that support the learning that actually is taking place on-site, so for the students, that means they have confidence. They know what they are accessing is relevant and because they have that awareness. They know that if they engage successfully with that, the transition back into school and the classroom on-site is more successful.

I would thoroughly recommend EDClass to other schools, and to other trusts. The challenges that we face on a daily basis, it needs something different and EDClass really provides that for us. So EDClass has ensured that continuity for the students and they build their confidence, they engage appropriately with the provision. When they're in school, they're able to apply those skills learned online to the provision that we've got in school." - Kyra Jones, Principal, Manchester Enterprise Academy 

The Whitby High School's Testimonial 

"EDClass was our first port of call to try and get children who struggle with anxiety back into school. EDClass really helped us regarding raising attendance. For example, children can use EDClass from home and then eventually they will come back to school where we can use EDClass in a quieter room. Having that reintegration progress and taking it step-by-step, allows them to feel comfortable is something that we can rely on. 

I also really like the safeguarding aspect of EDClass. We have the registration mark, they've got the video there and EDClass has that communication with them. If there are any issues we get emails as well as us doing our checking by phone and home visits. It's that constant checking from EDClass as well when they log it on each day. I love the alert button as well. If the students feel anxious about pressing that button, we  can also get a member of staff from EDClass to speak to the student and then contact us as well.

We would recommend EDClass without a doubt. It's absolutely a no-brainer. If you want to support your student, support your parents and give yourself that extra layer." - Sarah Fleet, Director of Alternative Provision, Whitby High School 

The Warriner School's Testimonial 

"EDClass was a bit of a game changer for us in realising that, actually for some children, we could use more of a hybrid teaching model. There have been huge challenges around children's mental health. Children felt anxious about coming to school and EDClass was a way for us to try and meet some of those needs of children who were really struggling with more formal in-school education. It provided flexibility and an opportunity for us to meet the needs of children in a different way.

What I've been really impressed with is EDClass's focus on safeguarding and the links that we've had between our attendance team and the EDClass team have been superb. So I think EDClass have really got some good systems in place around students attending sessions. They monitor and provide reports and whenever there's been a concern, EDClass have been really quick to contact the school alert as to any issues and we've been able to follow up with our attendance and safeguarding team. We'd absolutely recommend EDClass to other schools who are interested." - Alex Greenhalgh, Deputy Headteacher, The Warriner School 

Loreto High School's Testimonial 

“EDClass is the ideal tool to use to re-engage students in their education. We've got students that are off-site that use it, and that's what we initially introduced it for. We had a student who was totally disengaged with education and full stop, was offered a variety of alternative provision places. We introduced and put him on EDClass and he is fully engaged since he logs in every day. His attendance has now improved, he was a non-attendee and we've now got that up to around 40% already.

I would recommend, EDClass to any trust, to any school, to any parent unreservedly. The resource is of high quality. There is a person who will interact with the learner.

I would recommend and I have recommended EDClass to a lot of our local schools around here because it is so accessible for students regardless of what may be going on, it is accessible for them.” - Catherine Hughes, Headteacher & Fern Black, Inclusion Manager, Loreto High School

Jane Austen College's Testimonial 

"We've had EDClass for a few years now and it's been really helpful from a behaviour perspective. So if we need a student to work at home for a day or two to calm down, EDClass is really useful in that respect.

It has also been good for us, for the persistent absent students or students that have struggled to come back, particularly after COVID and some students have come back full time having kind of reintegrated using it. It's just a really helpful tool to have at our fingertips and my students seem to engage with it really well. It helps them catch up with work that they've missed so that they don't feel like they are quite so behind.

But, it also gets them back into the routine of getting up in the morning and getting dressed and engaging with other people. Because some students, they don't really want to speak to people and this certainly helps them with that. If I were to move anywhere else, I would certainly look into implementing it." - Lindsey O'Neill, Vice Principal, Jane Austen College

Wayland Academy's Testimonial 

"We use EDClass for a few different approaches. One is to reintegrate students back into school who struggle to attend because of various reasons, whether that's emotional, physical or anxiety-related. We use it to support students who are at risk of permanent exclusion, and we may look at reviewing the timetable of that provision. We can also look at it to support students who are joining us with English as an additional language. We have a number of students who come from Afghanistan and Ukraine as refugees with no English as a first language and EDClass is an opportunity there to pick up some English and support their integration into our community. 

I would recommend EDClass to any school. There are a number of reasons for that. One is the quality of provision. Secondly, I would say the safeguarding element relates to that. So students are monitored, they are supported and they're taking part in things. I personally receive referrals from each class raising concerns, so I know that that's done. But, I think it's a way of supporting our students to progress and access the school curriculum." - Glen Allott, Principal, Wayland Academy 

Cromer Academy's Testimonial 

"We started using EDClass for pupils who are struggling to get into schools for different reasons. So it could be mental health reasons, anxiety and on the other side, it could be physical reasons. Pupils who might have spent a sustained time in hospital, for example. EDClass allows us to educate them with an online platform at home but also reintegrates them back into school steadily.

Ultimately, we want students to be in full time and it was successful last year in getting pupils into school 100% face-to-face education. It obviously helps with attendance figures, etc. and it's making sure the kids have got a really high-quality provision whilst on-site and EDClass has certainly done that.

It's been successful and we continue to use it and therefore I would recommend that to another school or another trust." - Michael Martin, Vice Principal, Cromer Academy 

Norwich Primary Academy's Testimonial 

"EDClass has enabled me to be able to provide bespoke packages for children so that coming into mainstream school full time doesn't appear daunting. We also use EDClass for children who've had medical procedures, and who are unable to come back into school, so they're able to access some form of learning. It's also a very good way of ensuring safeguarding as they're being viewed by teachers. However, we're aware that there's so much more that it has to offer. I've found that EDClass has been really crucial to actually making the children feel secure, helping to build their self-esteem and their knowledge base before returning to school full-time.

I definitely would recommend EDClass. I think their customer service, I would like to say is absolutely incredible. In a society where everything is solely online, you always get someone that you can speak to. I've never had a bad experience. Everyone's 100% committed, really friendly and really approachable, and it's absolutely perfect." - Katie O'Connell, Attendance Officer, Norwich Primary Academy 

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy's Testimonial 

"EDClass was implemented within Great Yarmouth Charter in 2017. It's expanded since, so we've got more seats now than we have had previously. We've got more pupils able to access education when they're not actually able to attend school than ever before, which is really good. Also, EDClass helps us reintegrate pupils back into full-time learning within the school. So those pupils that can't attend initially, it might be they're on it full time and then we build that up gradually as a process to reintegrate them back in.

I would absolutely recommend EDClass. It's not just useful in terms of raising the school's attendance figures, but actually, it's really useful for the pupils. The development of EDClass has been really good. So now the fact that you can put a bespoke package in around a pupil based on assessments where we can identify gaps in learners' knowledge, it's just going from strength to strength." - Sarah Pardon, Assistant Principal for Attendance & SEND, Great Yarmouth Charter Academy 

Thetford Academy's Testimonial 

"We started using EDClass in about 2008 when it first came out. We use EDClass as a support for emotional school-based avoiders.

It's allowed us to offer the students access to education whilst we are applying additional strategies to support them back into full-time physical attendance at school. EDClass has been very impactful, with support in attendance and improving attendance within the school. Again, with regards to our students who are struggling to access the school physically EDClass provides a registration mark whilst actually offering the students a valuable form of education whilst at home." - Alan Simmet, Assistant Principal for Attendance, Thetford Academy 

King Edward VII Academy's Testimonial 

"EDClass is built heavily into the reintegration process for our students. Those students who are at risk of permanent exclusion are given the opportunity to work on EDClass as an off-site alternative provision. The second way that we use it is with supporting attendance. EDClass has been very good for supporting attendance because those students who you can't get through the door, it offers them an alternative way of accessing education. 

I think EDClass has added another weapon to our arsenal in terms of supporting the reintegration of students before EDClass. The alternative provision was very much limited to offsite specialist provision, whereas this gives us a nice middle ground where we can offer students an academic learning environment." - Ben Stek, Assistant Principal, King Edward VII Academy 

David Paul, Head of Year 7, Rodillian Academy 

“It’s no coincidence that I’ve worked with EDClass for over ten years, the communication between the staff and myself has been superb. In terms of those missing education, it’s really good that students can claw back vital attendance which is always an important aspect of education. It works for everybody in terms of parents, teachers, school and the student.

It’s also allowed us to claim back attendance marks in terms of B codes. We have a few students who have been suspended, however, they were fully engaged in the learning pathway on EDClass if they were on a five-day suspension they were able to complete a targeted 20 hours’ worth of EDClass learning and it reflected positively in terms of our attendance.

 A final positive would be those students who struggle with EBSA. We’ve used a partial timetable to get them into the building and we’ve supplemented that with EDClass to ensure they are still learning.

I’d 100 per cent recommend EDClass to other schools. The team are first class, so supportive, attentive with every detail and it’s ever-changing.” - David Paul, Head of Year 7, Rodillian Academy 

Diamond Academy's Testimonial

"It was really important for us to keep children engaged and EDClass helped us do that. Some struggled with the unstructured times of lunchtime. But, they came to school in the morning and they were able to use EDClass, at home in the afternoon. This allowed them to get to their high school without having any issues. 

There was another pupil who broke their shoulder but was really keen for their learning to continue. So we got them into school for a short period of time and then they were able to use EDClass at home to continue their learning. That child is now back in school full time and they're able to access the learning on EDClass and continue their education. So we've now got an attendance lead who has taken over the role of improving the attendance and they're going to be looking at how we can use this with some children on part-time timetables to make sure they get their attendance marks as well.

I would definitely recommend EDClass. It has been fantastic and getting children to learn at home and in school." - Abi Jones, Assistant Principal, Diamond Academy 

Inspiration Trust's Testimonial on EDClass, Iain Mackintosh Director of Inclusion

"EDClass allowed us to provide high-quality educational provision for children that weren't able to access school. From the outset, what we've loved is the fact that we're well-supported, that our children are getting quality lessons and that they can engage with the learning so that they can return to us.

We use EDClass to help support children who can't access school so often medical needs. Children can't get into school and they need something to allow them to access education. Sometimes it is emotionally based school avoidance or children that just can't face going outside, particularly post-pandemic. EDClass has allowed us to engage with those families in a way which starts to bridge the gap again to get them back into school so that they can then be attending physically in a school setting.

I can honestly say that EDClass is something that I recommend to everybody that I meet. I cannot think of a better provider. I can't think of anyone who gives me better value for money and I know that service is top quality, all the time, I would certainly recommend it 100% to anybody who was looking for an online alternative provision." - Iain Mackintosh, Director of Inclusion, Inspiration Trust 

Bluecoat Beechdale Academy's Testimonial 

"We now use EDClass for on-site or off-site provisions for our students. An example is if a student can't make it into the school, for example, because they've got a broken limb, or if students are really anxious and can't be around big crowds.

EDClass enables them to not fall behind during the six weeks that they're with us. The fact that they all get top-tier education rather than just being given a piece of work and a resource and just getting on with that themselves. They've actually got a qualified teacher that can go through with them.

I'd definitely recommend EDClass. The students are still getting that high-quality education from EDClass that they would be getting in a mainstream school I've also mentioned it to schools outside the trust because I feel like it's something that can really benefit from from a lot of points from different schools." - Kyle Dixon, Inclusion Lead, Bluecoat Beechdale Academy 

Hethersett Academy's Testimonial

"EDClass allows us to make sure that students get a full package around their education if they're not well enough to be in school. 

So, when students are well enough to come back into school, they have got that background of learning, enabling them to make a smooth transition in and not miss out on education, even though they've got an illness keeping them off at the time. One of the barriers to students attending is the fact that they might feel out of the loop and feel like they're falling behind. With EDClass in place, that barrier is diminished. 

So that makes EDClass invaluable to try and bridge that gap in their learning, but also to make sure that when they return, they feel secure. EDClass is an absolutely superb tool. 

I would recommend EDClass to others it's another kind of bow in your arsenal of supporting students, making sure learning is going on even if they can't be in school. So EDClass in that regard is absolutely superb." - Christopher Sandall, Assistant Principal for Inclusion, Hethersett Academy 

Victoria Raynor, International Safeguarding Consultant

“What EDClass does as an online provider, is it helps children get success and it helps them recognise the power of education and that they can learn differently. I think that it provides a service that can repair a child’s view of education.

In my experience, EDClass say to a child that this isn’t their permanent learning environment forever. But, what they want to do is make children feel confident, that you can retain information, you can learn new knowledge, you can learn new skills, and you can apply them. It then helps build children’s confidence, self-esteem and well-being.

I think it targets those forgotten children and presents itself as an opportunity rather than a punishment. It stops children and parents feeling like education is at a standstill. It allows continuity of curriculum, ensures children are not disenfranchised and that they have foundations they can build on. I think that that’s what EDClass does to transform lives, it makes children feel like their education hasn’t stopped.”

King Edward VI's Testimonial

"We've put a few students EDClass at home and they are able to reach an education and I think that's really important. We have regular dialogue with the parents just to make sure that they are doing well with it.  

EDClass is a lifeline, really. We do a lot of reactionary kind of behaviour. So if there's a student who's been basically asked to leave or to go home and there's no alternative, we can actually create an immediate pathway for them on EDClass. While those students are off-site, they also get access to a qualified teacher and this makes sure that they've got second-to-none education and one-to-one delivery." - Joshua Izzo, Alternative Provision Manager, King Edward VI School 

Ellesmere Port Catholic High School's Testimonial 

"EDClass has been really helpful in engaging children back into education and helping support children who have been persistently absent from school for whatever reason and ensuring that they have some form of education at home. One of the other things that we do with EDClass is that when children are in our internal exclusion room we use a trauma-informed approach and we provide that restorative element to it. They can then work on EDClass, which is particularly aimed at re-engaging them back into the classroom to be doing a unit on, for example, appropriate behaviour or minding their language when speaking to staff. And one of the good things about that class is that it's providing quite bespoke packages of work for children with different needs." - Farhan Patel, Trauma Informed Practice Coordinator, Ellesmere Port Catholic High School 

Qaim's Testimonial 

This video is a student's perspective of the EDClass platform and how it helped him with his learning with his father's input. Qaim was a student who struggled to concentrate when at school and became disenfranchised with his learning. 

His school, still wanting to support his education, discovered EDClass, allowing him to continue learning and re-engage. The one-to-one support from EDClass' teachers helped Qaim achieve grades he may not have acquired if he was still in a mainstream setting. Qaim went from predicted 2s and 3s in his GCSEs to achieving 4-6s.

EDClass is very proud of Qaim as he epitomises how the platform can help students in similar situations achieve their educational potential.

"I want to thank the teachers very much. The teachers were mainly the main thing that got me actually into education actually wanted to put my head down, the teachers were just absolutely amazing. I can't speak any highly of them they were just absolutely perfect. What any teacher should really be, they should be a prime example of what a teacher should be really. And they helped me very, very much and I'm very appreciative of it." - Qaim

Woodkirk Academy's Testimonial

"We've used EDClass in a number of different ways. So for some students it has been for a period of time for them to work on EDClass, to work through various pathways to make sure that they're bridging any gaps in their learning, to look at them returning to mainstream and managing to keep them on site. For some students, we've used a blended approach for EDClass, so they might have some days on-site, some days working on it EDClass and we've found it was useful for some students who struggled with the rigours of a full academic week.

It gives us a great degree of flexibility in terms of time and in terms of the approach we can take with it. And that's fairly manageable as well. So, for certain students, we found the aspect to be really useful." - Steven McIntyre, Director of Inclusion & Transition, Woodkirk Academy

Co-op Academy Grange Testimonial

"We've had 4 to 5 students on over the last 5 to 6 years using EDClass. We've had some students been exceptionally successful due to their regular daily engagement, being able to have an online platform from home.

We had one student who used EDClass because of illness and he wasn't able to come to school due to a physical impairment. He accessed EDClass on a daily basis, engaged with staff and really allowed him to support his education and continue to make progress which he wouldn't have had it not been for the online aspect and the interaction with members of staff throughout EDClass.

In terms of value for money, having four or five students on EDClass at any one time for a fraction of an average-priced external provision, that amount is definitely value for money.

I would definitely recommend EDClass to another school based on the success we've had, and I think it's something we will continue with in the future to provide online education for students who need that particular aspect of their learning." - Glenn Senior Co-op Academy Grange 

Temple Moor High School

"EDClass gives us the ability to be able to plan our lessons by choosing lessons from the hundreds that EDClass provides us with. We can choose the ones that match what our curriculum is offering to the students at that time. Students use EDClass to work on things for English, math and science in our inclusion room or isolation room. This means that they're not disengaged when they go back into class and they're not completely behind and they understand what's going on. This also means we don't have further poor behaviour as a result of the students not understanding what the teacher's talking about.

We definitely would recommend EDClass to another school, particularly if they were using it as we have, such as an isolation room or for a room where students are being removed from lessons. I think that EDClass definitely can help students still achieve and achieve in line with their peers." - Steve Lawrence, Assistant Principal for Behaviour, Temple Moor High School

The Co-operative Academy of Manchester

"We were introduced to EDClass in the middle of the academic year 2016 – 2017 the impact on our attendance was instant and has a positive impact on our figures. I can confidently say that if we had had the package sooner we would have had a lower PA figure and increased attendance.

With the purchase of the EDClass seat we have access to EDClass which we have set up in our internal Exclusion suite, this provides students who would normally have to work from work sheets, access to lessons and course work that they would normally be completing in lessons.

In my role as Attendance Manager and Safeguarding Officer I am often asked to visit other schools and Academies to offer support in improving their attendance, I have no problem in endorsing EDClass to Schools and Academies as a tool to improve their attendance and support students." - Jenny Robey, The Co-Operative Academy of Manchester

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