Success at Woodkirk Academy

Written testimonial on EDClass being used in B16 at Woodkirk Academy by Sally Brearey, Nurture Room Manager, Woodkirk Academy 2023

You can view a full video testimonial from Woodkirk Academy by viewing below.

"B16 is our well-being room providing a safe space for our more vulnerable students who for various reasons are unable to be in a normal classroom environment.

EDClass has proved to be a really good resource for the area because it provides a quick and easy online resource that students can easily access and means that they can continue to work through the curriculum whilst learning independently.

It is a very useful tool, easy to administer which enables me to ensure that students are set up with work quickly ensuring gaps in their education are minimised. This means they do not have to worry about missing out on their education which can also relieve some of their stress. It is easy to monitor their progress and new learning pathways can be easily added as is needed.

EDClass gives students a sense of achievement as it allows them to work at their own pace. They are able to start at a level at which they are comfortable without being stressed and which enables them to successfully build their knowledge of that subject, thus giving them the confidence to continue to attain. This supports our work and enables us to reintegrate students back into mainstream lessons.

Students enjoy playing games at the end which also allows us to implement a rewards system. This is very motivational for the students and helps with their social skills."