Curriculum Intent

The Curriculum at EDClass offers high-quality educational learning, assessment and teaching to meet the individual needs of students, adapting the core curriculum where appropriate and within the constraints of time and resources. 

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Our curriculum aims:

  • To provide a broad, balanced, digital and innovative curriculum that works in partnership with our schools, learners, clients, awarding organisations, and staff to help enhance their skills, knowledge and performance.
  • To be tailored to individual needs, ensuring flexibility and responding to change and circumstances where necessary.
  • To offer appropriate career information with relevant and up-to-date advice and guidance regarding careers, work skills, choices, and employability
  • To match our learning pathways, lessons sets and lessons (live, recorded, presentations, video clips or elearning lessons) in line to the schools / Multi Academy Trust curriculum and schemes of work that all students have a sequenced and flexible curriculum
  • To promote students spiritual, moral and social understanding by a varied Curriculum 
  • To support and encourage healthy lifestyles
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills required to keep themselves safe at school and in the wider world.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is implemented and is centrally focused on a partnership and reintegration with a school, multi-academy trust or local authority. 

EDClass is a unique setting by many different measures and as such, requires a distinctive and creative approach to its curriculum design.

One key element of our vision for EDClass is to take the best, most successful features of a traditional ‘alternative provision’ and blend them with the best features of a high-performing online provision. 

Though we understand that we are not in place of the traditional schooling approach we recognise that the young people who access our platform are some of the hardest to reach and are in some cases the most educationally marginalised.

Also, the admission of students into EDClass is not linear, as it is predominantly seen in mainstream education. EDClass may receive as many admissions to the platform in any month not just at the start of the academic year. Similarly, the students are also not equal in their distribution across year groups and key stages. This outlines just two of the nuances that EDClass needs to consider when looking at shaping our curriculum. 

Keeping in line with these nuances we find the starting point for our learners, our methodology ensures consistency for all learners to find their starting point. 

There is a virtual library of over 1000+ pre-recorded video lessons delivered by our teachers already for students to access and view on-demand which are part of a series of topics and pathways of learning available. Alongside this, there are over 17,000 support online lessons in English, maths and science with other core and foundation subjects. 

This on-demand library of content works alongside the virtual classroom. We work in partnership where our teachers and your teachers can use the online education classroom to deliver face-to-face live, timetabled or on-demand lessons to a range of abilities in a secure and virtual learning environment. 

Our learning pathways, lessons sets and lessons (live, recorded, presentations, video clips or e-learning lessons) in the EDClass pathway are placed into a timetable of learning that correlates to the schools / Multi Academy Trust curriculum, learning timetable and schemes of work that all students have a sequenced and flexible curriculum. Therefore, the learning scheme of work and curriculum that the students on EDClass follow is determined by the commissioning educational establishment.

Our curriculum is assessment-led because its primary aim is to identify and fill gaps in knowledge and understanding, not least because most students will either return to a mainstream or specialist setting and not remain with EDClass indefinitely; they need to be ‘ready to return’.

EDClass provides the opportunity for any student to engage in education away from the traditional classroom by supplying online support from UK-qualified teachers. 

All learning is personalised, with each pathway created specifically for each learner, which enables them to follow a set structured pathway of learning and modular tests. These pathways are uniquely set for them to target their gaps in knowledge and assigned to meet their individual needs. 

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Pupils acquire speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy skills.

For students to use and become fluent in subject-specific vocabulary, the process of learning new words is part of teacher instruction during lesson clips and live video teaching. This is where we actively support pupils to encourage proper speaking and listening. Across EDClass lesson sets there is a list of keywords that are highlighted and defined to support and aid the learning of new vocabulary. During live video support, students will have the opportunity to hear and repeat keywords and teachers will ensure that they are familiar with them so that they can use and apply them in direct work. 

Students on the EDClass platform practise using the words to form part of the repertoire of words they can use. 

Students are provided with tasks that require the words to be used in writing and structured live video support. EDClass staff reinforce the expectations that students use the subject-specific vocabulary when relevant, rather than reverting to more familiar basic terms. In live video support and direct conversations, EDClass teachers set high standards and the use of vocabulary and explanations are modelled for the learners.

In English lessons, learners experience a variety of challenging texts from a range of genres and complete activities that broaden their knowledge of vocabulary and sentence structure. New knowledge is applied to varied written tasks and feedback is provided for learners, developing their writing and language skills. Throughout maths lessons, the use of key vocabulary and explanations are demonstrated and learners are encouraged to articulate their methods and reasoning.

In addition to the rehearsal of subject-specific vocabulary during direct conversation, the encouragement to engage in live video chat enables learners to develop communication skills. Providing the opportunity for learners to socialise and build on their conversation skills is a key area of development for many learners. At EDClass, we are committed to supporting the social and emotional development of our learners and believe that the opportunity to talk is a fundamental element of this. Online UK-qualified teachers delivering live English, maths and science lessons through our virtual classroom. EDClass enables your learners to access support and teaching for a range of full-time, part-time or short-term periods.

Through our virtual classroom and online tutors we can also offer GCSE English, Science and Maths. This is a perfect resource to educate and teach students who are on academic courses. Our e-learning content, diagnostic tests, exams and online teaching support can be timetabled for the following subjects with the touch of a button:

Our support staff and teaching staff are online ready to help any child with any barrier to gain academic qualifications. EDClass enables your school to maximise achievement through personalised support. We can support your learners by delivering programmes of study, intervention strategies, transitional plans, literacy and numeracy programmes.