We work in partnership where our teachers and your teachers can use the remote education classroom to deliver face to face live, timetabled or on demand lessons to deliver to a range of abilities in a secure and virtual learning environment. There is a virtual library of over 1000+ pre recorded video lessons delivered by our teachers already for learners to access and view on demand which are part of a series of topics and pathways of learning available. Alongside this there is 12000 support online lessons in English, Maths, Science and other core subjects. 

EDClass offers a whole school curriculum in a vast range of core and foundation subjects with our focus being GCSEs, functional skills and academic BTECs / Nationals. Learners follow a pathway and curriculum that has on demand lessons, live and timetabled sessions that they can progress within tasks and lessons at their optimum achievable rate. Our strengths are through our new EDClass delivery methodology via our extensive and scenario based interactive English, Science and Maths lessons. Below are a few clips of our bank of interactive pre recorded teaching lessons that can be live, scheduled, time tabled, one to one or for whole cohorts. 

Teaching-on-demand TV


Our algorithm allows students to follow a curriculum pathway that has support and educators available to deliver live and on demand sessions for each individual following their personalised learning pathway.  


Your staff can also add your own content and lessons into their pathway to whilst working in partnership with EDClass.


Our range of staff are on-hand to offer support, guidance and live teaching within school hours so that every child can be supported in any of these subjects:

Subjects we provide content for:
English (click here to view our English topics)    
Maths (click here to view our Maths topics)                
Science (click here to view our Science topics)
Functional Skills English 
Functional Skills Maths 
Applied Science 
Business Studies 
Creative Media 
Drugs Awareness
Information technology   
Media studies
Money & finance 
Personal social development 
Personal social health education 
Physical Education
Preparing for work 
Religious studies 
Behaviour, Gun, knife and gang crime
Prevent and British Values  

Our academic elearning content, diagnostic tests, exams and online teaching support can be timetabled for the following subjects with the touch of a button:

  • GCSE English Literature 
  • GCSE English Language 
  • GCSE Maths 
  • iGCSEs available 
  • Functional Skills in English and Maths

We also have available within our lessons, access to Oxford University Press e-books to aid and assist our online teaching. 

Our support staff and teaching staff are online ready to help any child with any barrier to gain academic qualifications.

All our lessons have:

  • Learning resources with objectives / plenaries
  • Lessons with innovative content
  • Video lessons via recording teachers
  • Scenario tasks
  • Questions
  • Games and puzzles
  • Tests and exams which progressively challenge all users

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You can also add your teaching tools into the platform to add extra content.

The assessment and monitoring is unique and our assessment for learning is supported through interactive, multimedia rich e-learning content including:

  • Scenario based questions
  • Situational based questions
  • Multiple choice questions 
  • Drag and drop puzzles 
  • Word searches 
  • Word jumbles 
  • Jigsaws 
  • Literacy and numeracy puzzles 
  • Videos 
  • Quizzes

All tracking and monitoring within our platform enables assessment for learning to be evidenced using our gap analysis model.

More about assessment

This provides  the building of a learners curriculum and personalised learning, assessment and support plan.  For more assessment information click here. To improve your curriculum you can use EDClass for:

  • Remote learning
  • Catch up sessions
  • Timetable sessions
  • Independent learning
  • On demand teaching
  • Student anxiety
  • Students in isolation, at risk, excluded and at home
  • Live class teaching for whole cohorts or bubbles
  • Homework
  • Form period notices
  • Whole group assemblies
  • Virtual presentations
  • Home working for school-phobic
  • Support centre
  • Cover

Through our virtual classroom and online remote education platform we can also offer much more

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