Implement and Impact

EDClass has tirelessly worked in partnerships with numerous Multi Academy Trusts, individual Academies and Schools, Local Authorities and Alternative Provisions to change and adapt so that we address key aspects in guidance and legislation that govern the provision of AP, SEND, behaviour, exclusions, intervention, reintegration and attendance in schools and academies that we collaborate with. 

We have taken the legislation and guidance in the Education Inspection Framework (2023) for maintained schools and academies; started the Online Accreditation Scheme (2023); and our safeguarding policies and procedures fully comply with Keeping Children Safe in Education (“KCSIE”) 2023. We adhere to the SEND and alternative provision improvement plan (2023) and we also follow the guidance with UK government legislation for both on and off-site alternative provisions for academies; Suspension and permanent exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England, including pupil movement 2022; and Behaviour in schools (2022); and the DfE guidance Working together to improve school attendance document (2022). 

Since March 2023, EDClass has adapted our measures and standard operation procedures to address the legislation stipulates through the guidance as we work in partnership with our schools and Multi Academy Trusts to constantly monitor pupils learning, attainment, interactions, engagement, behaviour and attendance in a safe and secure learning environment.

Alternative Provision 

EDClass is an online alternative provision that clearly identifies, assesses and meets the needs of students from the moment they first use the system through diagnostic testing. EDClass has been chosen by schools across the UK for its safeguarding, teaching, learning, engagement, curriculum provided, sequencing of learning, attendance, support given, progress, assessments and destinations for students.


EDClass prides itself on being able to provide a broad curriculum which is designed to give SEND students the knowledge they need to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life. The fully customisable platform also allows students to have better learning experiences and outcomes.

Emotional-Based School Avoidance 

An online alternative provision can be a viable option for students who avoid school. Inspectors will consider a child’s emotional development and whether they feel safe, secure, stimulated and happy. EDClass’ online alternative provision ensures that students are isolated from their peers and have access to UK-qualified teachers to discuss their studies or well-being.


Education Other Than At School can allow children and young people to be educated from anywhere! EDClass supports a student’s learning by tracking and evidencing their progress and allows them to work in a setting they feel most comfortable in.

External Agency Support (CAMHS, SEMH, LAC, EBSA) and involvement 

EDClass works in synergy to help offer flexible learning to students with specific needs. For pupils with SEND, EDClass also ensures that appropriate reasonable adjustments are made to accommodate their needs in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and the SEND code of practice.

School refuses 

Students can continue their education via online learning with EDClass. Effective safeguarding measures, high-quality education and an intention of improving the behaviour and attendance of pupils are promoted, benefitting both school and student.

Learners with mental health issues 

Providing effective pastoral support is an important element of EDClass’ teaching practices. EDClass will identify a child’s vulnerability and creates an environment where they feel safe to express their feelings or any concerns they may have. A focus on personal development is evidenced and recorded. Constant evaluation of the implementation of strategies and how this has impacted them is reviewed so every child can benefit when using EDClass.  

Dysregulated learners 

Our UK-qualified teachers are skilled at handling children’s irregular behavioural patterns and can assist them in retaining focus during their learning. Staff will also ensure that pupils follow appropriate routines and that low-level disruption is not tolerated. 


EDClass includes clear and effective behaviour and attendance policies with integrated behaviour repair work lessons. Every student has a tailored pathway of learning and support and a strategy for reintegrating the pupil back into school is formulated.  


An inclusive learning environment at EDClass ensures every child feels welcomed onto the platform. EDClass also enables pupils to identify online and offline risks regarding their well-being and ensures that they know support is available for them.

Off-site direction 

EDClass’ online alternative provision can offer timely and effective support for students. The platform, combined with high-quality teaching support, promotes a safe and effective model that promotes pupils’ progress. 

Working in partnerships for suspensions and exclusions 

A plethora of individualised support is offered by EDClass including alternative strategies to reduce exclusions and safeguard those who may be at risk of exclusion.

Working in partnerships for students outcomes

EDClass is a valuable online teaching and learning platform, designed to support students in their academic journey. However, it is important to clarify that GCSE exams are not taken directly within the EDClass platform and that no official GCSE exams are administered or taken directly within the EDClass platform.

Our role is to provide engaging, learning pathways and effective resources to complement the excellent work undertaken by our commissioning schools. Students taking GCSEs will prepare and sit for exams through their schools' designated channels, following the examination boards and assessment procedures.

The success of any student completing a GCSE exam is a direct result of the dedication and expertise of their teachers, the supportive school environment, and the student's own hard work. EDClass is proud to play a part in this collaborative effort by providing supplementary learning tools and fostering a love for knowledge.

We encourage students to reach out to their teachers and school advisors for all information regarding GCSE exams and preparation. We are proud of every achievement that our learners achieve and will share this through our students testimonials and school testimonials pages.

Be prepared for inspections 

According to the School Inspection Handbook: 

“Inspectors need to be assured that leaders have ensured that the alternative provision is a suitable and safe placement that will meet pupils’ academic/vocational/technical needs, pastoral needs and, if appropriate, SEND needs.” 

EDClass’ online alternative provision offers curriculum-rich content with high-quality teaching and specialist support for students. A meticulous approach to tracking, evidencing and reviewing data allows for a safe and inclusive environment ensuring progression for students, in particular those with SEND needs. 

EDClass allows you to tackle attendance barriers with a strategic approach to ensuring sufficient education is obtained by students with varying needs. The platform collects first-hand evidence showcasing the impact of teaching and learning and how it has improved attainment, attendance and behaviour. Timely and effective support from qualified teachers demonstrates how the provision is suitable. It also helps identify any gaps in learning and builds a stronger evidence-based support system.

Supplying high-quality teaching 

EDClass provides an exceptional standard of teaching and learning delivering English, maths and science and other subjects. UK-qualified teachers will assist your students with their learning to ensure they fully understand even the simplest material. 

Supporting students with SEND 

The system accommodates the specific needs of students both academically and pastorally. EDClass’ system will create a tailored-made bespoke learning pathway for students. The platform is also customisable helping deliver high-quality education resulting in a huge impact on students.

Students using online learning can benefit from asynchronous learning when there is one-to-one support readily available for them when they need it. The intention of EDClass is to enhance student’s understanding at a comfortable pace with their levels of engagement being tracked, monitored and recorded. 

Everything is recorded and logged, from live lessons that are delivered online, to your students’ interactions with our teachers and their learning progress. The personal development of your pupils is a massive focus for us. EDClass will work with your leadership and management to ensure the behaviour and attitudes of your students are improved. 

You can relax with the fact that the curriculum integrated into EDClass for your students is effective and their engagement with the content is at an outstanding level. EDClass includes high-grade procedures regarding safeguarding, parental involvement, attendance and learning; everything is available for you to view. Our team will effectively communicate with your leadership and management in regard to any safeguarding judgements.

EDClass has built a sophisticated system that integrates an effective and comprehensible curriculum that assesses learning. The curriculum ensures that no student is left behind. Your students will learn on a platform that successfully implements high-quality core subjects and additional learning content that provides a real impact on children’s lives and delivers outstanding outcomes. 

Inspection ready

EDClass can help support your school in ensuring that the alternative provision you have chosen is safe and suitable for your students. Your school can visibly see when your student is online, the lessons they have completed and their performance during these lessons and our team will support them to address areas for improvement.

We provide effective safeguarding for your students, even online, this is done through online questionnaires and everything is tracked and recorded. Students can press an emergency safety alert button if they ever feel in danger and our team will deal with this immediately. EDClass also has a central record that is updated regularly with a single central record of the safeguarding checks we carry out.

Your students will learn through well-planned and sequenced lessons with an outstanding of education provided with a broad and balanced curriculum. Timely, high-quality and evidence-based teaching and learning are implemented for your students with personalised learning pathways integrated addressing behaviour and attitudes, instilling personal development.

Students are also continuously assessed throughout their learning to develop their knowledge and this assures they comprehend the content. EDClass’ high standard of education supports the wider implementation of your school’s curriculum and also supports students with SEND. We provide a sustainable system that works for you and your students and delivers fantastic value for money.

Reports can be collated for groups or the whole school. You can make comparisons with students in different cohorts. Even in reintegration, exclusion or isolation, students follow the school’s assessment and positive discipline policies. The system allows you to track and view a student’s performance individually and in comparison with the rest of the cohort.

Alongside focusing on positively reintegrating your students when it is appropriate, EDClass looks at generating the best possible outcomes to support your students in the next stage of their lives. The impact of using EDClass is undeniable and you can be satisfied that you will be ready for an inspection.