Serious fun: UK’s top 10 education specialists

As we get ready for the school run, here’s our pick of the best institutes, tutors and uniform suppliers that should be on your radar.

The new school year is rapidly approaching, and for many of us that means thoughts are turning away from holidays and back towards our children’s futures – even if that simply means picking up their school uniforms in time for the start of term.

The UK has a long-established history of providing exceptional schooling to children from around the world, from nursery all the way up to sixth form.

The country’s top day and boarding schools, each with their own unique teaching styles and values, have paved the way for thousands of our brightest sparks to enter prestigious Russell Group and Ivy League universities.

Remote learning is also booming, with providers offering everything from personal tuition conducted by some of the most exceptional talents in education to online alternative provision suitable for schools looking for additional support. Adult learners have plenty of options too, from studying how to pull together the ideal art portfolio to taking the first steps towards a fresh new career.

Here’s our edit of the top education specialists on our radar (including where to pick up that uniform) as we head into a brand-new term…


If you work in education and are looking for a short-term solution to alternative provision, EDClass is a trusted online learning platform that raises attendance and attainment levels remotely. One-to-one sessions, conducted by UK-qualified teachers and tailored to pupils’ circumstances, give students confidence with their learning.

EDClass’s system has robust safeguarding mechanisms in place to ensure students’ safety (such as the ability to raise an alert if they need to), wherever they’re learning from. Lessons meet the needs of students of all abilities, including those with behavioural problems, mental health issues, or who are at risk of exclusion.

EDClass is proven to impact crucial educational areas, including intervention, attainment, attendance, and effective behaviour repair. Supervised online learning enables students to get back on track, and positively reintegrate back into school when they – and the school – are comfortable. All you need is an internet connection.

Check out the EDClass website and blog page."

This was quoted from The Times. To read the full article you can visit the site here