Drug Awareness

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The Drug Awareness lessons and resources enable students to work through topical subjects independently. Here is a list of the lessons available in the suite:  (You may need to get certain words unblocked by security)

• Alcohol
• Alcohol Abuse  - Revision Questions
• Amphetamines
• Amphetamines - The Health Risks
• Anabolic Steroids
• Anabolic Steroids - The Health Risks
• Cannabis
• Cannabis - Dangers to Your Health
• Cocaine - The Health Risks
• Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
• Drug Trafficking
• Drugs - Classification
• Drugs - Police Powers
• Drugs and Driving
• Drugs Use and Abuse
• Ecstasy
• Ecstasy - The Health Risks
• Health Risks of Alcohol Abuse
• Heroin
• Heroin - The Health Risks

• Ketamine
• Ketamine - The Health Risks
• LSD - The Health Risks
• Mephedrone
• Mephedrone - The Health Risks
• Solvents
• Solvents - The Health Risks
• The Dangers of Amphetamines
• The Dangers of Cannabis
• The Dangers of Cocaine
• The  Dangers of Ecstasy
• The Dangers of Heroin
• The Dangers of Ketamine
• The Dangers of LSD
• The Dangers of Mephedrone
• The Dangers of Solvent Abuse
• The Dangers of Steroids
• The Dangers of Tranquilizers
• Tranquilizers
• Understanding Emotions: Self-Esteem

Each lesson has objectives, keywords, tasks, puzzles, multiple-choice questions and an expert on the other end of our secure chat feature.

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