Covid-19 Contingency

EDClass has been designed with distance learners in mind, making it the perfect solution to teaching whilst social distancing and whilst students need education to address the latest Covid-19 restrictions put in place. EDClass, via our distance and remote education platform and virtual classroom, impacts many different school groupings. We are proud to state that EDClass and our virtual classroom has recently been inspected and been through an OFSTED inspection and used for a Government pilot for flexible learning. 

Our Covid - 19 Risk Assessment can be viewed here

Our Covid - 19 Policy can be viewed here

Contingency Planning

We WILL remain open and continue to support your students regardless of a  lock down to support your students, whilst remaining compliant with Government guidelines and The World Health Organisations recommendations. During lockdown we remain operational, with no break in service. 

This diagram shows how EDClass can be your contingency plan for a range of approaches to address whole school issues.

We have a successful, tried and tested, contingency plan in place. Make EDClass part of yours!

Becoming a partner with us so we can be your contingency

We can help your school, Multi Academy or collaboration of schools to:

• Safeguarding of all students on a seat (click here to see how the EDClass virtual classroom works)
• Reduce risk of spread
• Flexible approach to help facilitate cover classes or entire year group (click here to see how this can work for your establishment)
• Lessons - over 15,000 (click here to view the lessons here
• Provide guidance on mitigation, with expert team
• Support the most vulnerable and those students with mental health
• Bubble friendly
• Allow personal space and boundaries
• Flexible learning, flexible set up, flexible timings for all staff and pupils
• Immediate contingency plan
• Impact learning time with the phased returns
• Extended days
• Part-time timetables
• Continuation of curriculum
• Facilitating Class Bubbles
• Access to learning 24/7

• Rota class room and learners to equipment and use our support staff and teachers to deliver sessions, catch up or structure time tables
• Can be mapped to your curriculum / SOW
• Remote learners learning via virtual classrooms
• Re-organise classrooms and timetables and we can help with new school policies
• Improve student motivation to learn due to innovative and digital learning tasks
• Secure, locked down and face-to-face learning online
• Live attendance tracker
• Eyes-on learning – "You know who is on and learning"
• Established in 2012 and Ofsted rated provision
• More media rich content
• Teaching and Learning Environment
• Engaging environment
• Catch up sessions and lessons available
• Impact children from deprived and low income household with fully accessible and remote learning resources
• We have a well being officer to support those vulnerable learner

Our virtual classrooms can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, allowing those unable to make it into the classroom to work safely at home.

Students will benefit from tailor-made lesson plans, which mirror the work they would be doing in class. Our teachers will also support students through their work, offering your students the best learning opportunities available in a virtual learning environment.

Everything your student does whilst logged into the system is tracked, including their answers, conversations and registration points. This allows you to oversee their attendance, as well as their performance and progress over time.

Class Bubbles

Depending on your school’s approach to class bubbles, EDClass offers a valuable alternative which speeds up and simplifies the process, reducing work load and staff wellbeing but most importantly providing a personalised learning environment using our interactive classroom.  Remote education can start instantly.

With EDClass, all students can follow their class’ scheme of work from a remote location, allowing them to continue their lessons alongside their usual school timetable.

Your students can access a seat and start learning instantly.  Click here to find out how the seats work for students in class bubbles

Call us on 01909 568 338 or email for a free 7 day trial.

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