2024 Transforming Attendance Challenges

Attendance challenges have caused school leaders multiple dilemmas and may continue to do so. We need to find the core root of why students are not attending and implement supportive reintegration strategies so they can thrive in their educational experiences and outcomes. 

“125,000 children missing more than half of school and 1.7 million children are missing half a day or more a week this academic year.” (Ofstednews, 2023)

Attendance figures were significantly affected by the Covid pandemic and have been in a state of recovery ever since. We now need to look at patterns and alternatives for students who are struggling to access mainstream education. Online learning and a hybrid approach can be the perfect model for students with specific needs. Take a look at the report below which can give you some insight into what you can do to improve a student's educational experience. 

2024 EDClass White Paper Report - Implementing Supportive Reintegration Strategies to Transform Attendance Challenges 

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EDClass 2022/23 white paper front cover

“Having a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment in the school is not just about creating the right place for pupils to behave well and to learn well, it's about creating somewhere of course that they want to come to in the first place.” (Ofstednews, 2023)

Education can now occur in many forms thanks to EdTech and government guidance allowing attendance codes to be claimed if appropriate safeguarding and measures are integrated. Provisions also need to supply high-quality education with support for a child's personal development so they are better prepared for adult life. It also needs to make every effort to positively reintegrate students back into mainstream school so they do not become confined and isolated. How can this be done? 

  • "81.82% of respondents said that EDClass was either supportive or very supportive in the reintegration process of their students. The other 18.18% were neutral as their students didn’t reintegrate due to medical reasons, or others, but still boosted their attendance with marks being claimed."

Read EDClass's white paper by clicking the image or by clicking here.

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